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Investment Clubs


Investment Clubs are growing in populatiry, and for good reason. Clubs allow members to begin investing on a low cost basis with as much or practically as little capital outlay as they wish. They also provide an ideal atmosphere to learn about and begin to understand financial markets. Below, we have carefully put together a solid base of information on the benefits of Investment Clubs and the process of starting your own.

Recent Popularity

Over the past five years or so, we have literally witnessed an explosion in the number of Investment Clubs throughout Canada and the United States. Simply stated, an Investment Club is a group of people who have gathered together for the purpose of investing their hard earned dollars, and perhaps most importantly, to learn about investing in general. We are strong supporters of the club concept and believe that most well-run clubs not only help you effectively learn to invest for your future but can also prove to be genuinely rewarding social experiences (in other words, they can be fun, too). For these reasons, as well as many more, we have composed the following insert on "Investment Clubs".

Investment Clubs:

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