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Intro to stocks


Common Stocks
Before you enter the markets, it is always good to reflect on whether or not stocks are the right investment for you. This section begins by posing that question and details why, for the vast majority of us, exposure to common stocks makes good investment sense.
Getting Started
This section offers detailed information on everything from asset allocation to the phenomena of investment clubs. The novice investor can use this section as a solid point of reference while entering the markets. In fact, you can begin by determining your benchmark portfolio asset mix, proceed to where and how to open a trading account, and finish with a few tips on placing your orders. Check out our investment clubs reference guide for some useful hints on their structure and how you can get involved.
Investment Clubs
With their growing popularity, Investment Clubs have been a hot topic within the financial press of late, and for good reason. Clubs allow members to begin investing on a low cost basis with as much or practically as little capital outlay as they wish. They also provide an ideal atmosphere to learn about and begin to understand financial markets. Below, we have carefully put together a solid base of information on the benefits of Investment Clubs and the process of starting your own.
A Few Valuation Methods
For the novice, intermediate, and experienced investor alike, this section serves as an excellent educational tool or point of reference to help further your understanding of individual stock valuation. An overview of this section should help you understand a number of the more widely used and quoted stock evaluation tools including, price/earnings ratios, price/sales ratio, and cash flow analysis. Indeed, by applying these valuation methods you can become an active participant in your own investment success.
Stock Strategies
Within this section you will discover some of the more widely accepted and followed stock investment strategies. Although non are guaranteed to produce higher returns, strategies such as DRIP investing and dollar cost averaging have proven valuable in many areas. The former can help you reduce commissions, while the later is designed to lower your overall risk level.

Intro to Stocks:

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